Don’t take your surroundings for granted. Realise I can see more. Should I take the effort?

-Philip Hampson

My name is Lukas Auf der Maur and my home is in Switzerland (ct. Schwyz). I haven’t always lived here. When I was 10 years old my family and I traveled in Asia for 1 year. There I started to look at life differently. I opened up and began to appreciate the world and the beautiful places I’ve been. I was able to bring all of these experiences back to my life in Switzerland.

I just finished Art school and am now working as a „Gestalter Werbetechniker“.

 I try to work on art projects as much as possible. Not because I think I have to, because I really enjoy it.

I do digital art, photography and film. I switch between these three topics to find variety.

For me it is incredibly important to go out and experience life. These experiences will help to take my creativity to the next level and I can implement them in my projects.